2015 December Sci-fi genre overload!

Wow! Where do i start? SPOILERS for various genre shows and movies below...

First off, I’m not on Kinja much anymore. I think I’m now on a 6 month Kinja rotation, as real life is much more interesting these days that the web, for me at least.



1) Z Nation finale was bonkers, as I knew it would be. Citizen Z is almost a popsicle! Murphy gets to the ‘lab’ only to find it ain’t what they thought it would be (and we get more info about this supposed Zona place)! 10k got shot! Bad guy who killed Vasquez’s wife and kid is alive and looking for redemption! Gina Gershon is bash** crazy as Mexican crime ‘queen’ La Reina! Murphy finally caught up to the doc who experimented on him, and now controls them via the ‘bite’ thing he does. 10k might be dead in an explosion. Warren and Addy still continue to be the best characters on the show, with Doc and Murphy coming in second, 10k third, Vasquez 4th. Also, the 2nd-to-last episode was a great origins flashback to where everyone was when the zombie apocalypse broke out. I kind of knew about 10k and Warren, sort of knew about Citizen Z’s origin, but Addy and Mack’s meeting was fun, and Doc’s was a huge surprise. Additionally, Vasquez’s flashback was heartbreaking, albeit slightly over-acted by Matt Cedeño. Going back further into the season, I miss Cassandra, although I commend the show for not pulling punches when it comes to the ‘anybody can go at any time” motif. Lastly, Baby Murphyette is growing up fast, but her ‘foster’ zombie parents are starting to look a bit worse for wear. WOuld Cassandra have wound up this way? Will the sub captain and the prison doc as well? We saw all the Mexican drug cartel members in various accelerated decay, but that could be due to the serum they were injected with.


2) Star Wars Rebels has gotten a lot better, especially with the original Clone troopers from Anakin and Ahsoka’s unit, and of course Ahsoka herself now on the scene.

3) STAR WARS! The Force has truly awoken! That was one hell of a fun film, despite the loss of you-know-who. I still want to find a freeze frame of BB-8’s thumbs-up moment with Finn.

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4) Deadpool trailer: definitely NSFW, but definitely awesome:


5) And the 12 Days of Deadpool, conveniently tracked here:


6) Supergirl: meh, not feeling it. Somebody put it really well: “It’s Ally McBeal! In 2015. Featuring superpowers. With the actual ALLY MCBEAL in it!”

7) Agents of SHIELD: this show has gone to some interesting places, although finding out what HYDRA is really all about has been kind of weird. Alien squid creature with crazy powers of some sort? And it’s now a parasite inside Ward’s dead body? Um.... still, I’m enjoying it. The FitzSimmons relationship continues to be one of the best things on the show, and the reveal with Dr. Garner was heartbreaking.


8) Is anybody watching The Librarians? I love genre shows dealing with real world history, and this one seems to get the references correct. Also, Noah Wiley is a hell of a lot more entertaining in this show than he ever was in Falling Skies. I really enjoyed the recent episode where the thief who only seems to care about himself (Ezekiel Jones) turns out to be someone who, under the right circumstances, would sacrifice himself for the others. (re: the time loop/video game episode). I also love just about anything that Christian Kane is in, and John Laroquette owns every scene he’s in as aged (mostly) immortal Jenkins.

9) Man in the High Castle: WHEW! So many shows popped up on line! This continues to be good, though I’m only halfway through it. Been ages since I read the original story it was based on though.


10) Jessica Jones: brutal but solid. Krysten Ritter plays the anti-hero wonderfully, and Tennant was awesome as creepy, sleazy Killgrave.

There’s probably more shows and movies I could talk about, but duty calls, and I must away from this interwebs world. Happy holidays, one and all!

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