Hi, me. How Are you? Oh, I'm fine, me, thanks for askng...

ME 1: Being Human was an awesome episode don't you think?

ME 2: Why, yes, me, I think it was. Lot's of great twists and plot movement, and good flashbacks.


ME 1: Yes I enjoyed it too, me. Thanks for watching it with me, me.

ME 2: Well, me, you know I love hanging out with you and watching sci-fi. I mean, really, who needs a community to discuss these things with?


Me 1: I couldn't agree more, me. I..couldn't... agree.... WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

*** Thisinternalconversationbroughtyoubythe CommitteeforHolyShitIMissTheOldObservationDeck.


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