So... my annual check in at io9 is prompted, of course, by the death of Jerry Doyle. Another sad day in 2016, a year populated with deaths both personal and public related to many of us.

Here’s the thing: I only started watching Babylon 5, at the start of its 2nd season, because the girl I was dating at the time hated the show. HATED it. So it was almost a ‘rebound viewing’. However, it didn’t take long for the show to reel me in. I can understand why people weren’t hooked on season 1; looking back on it and viewing it after I’d made it to (I think) season 4, it seemed almost out-of-place with what came after. But like any sci fi show, the first season is the ‘finding your character’ season, which the key actors who remained on the series were doing.


By the 5th season, it did feel like things were winding down, and that was OK. But the best bit of Season 5 for me was seeing Garibaldi come to terms with his many and varied demons. How Jerry Doyle portrayed the character throughout 5 seasons of the show was one of the main reasons I kept coming back.

From troubled security chief with a past, to core member of a rebellion against a corrupt Earth government, to unwitting puppet of PsiCorp evil puppetmaster Bester, to redemption and ultimate corporate tycoon status on Mars, happily married to the love of his life. That journey could not have made such an impact without the acting skill on Jerry Doyle.


There will be a lot said about his whole career in acting, radio talk shows, and even politics, but ultimately he is, for me and many others, Mr. Garibaldi, the troubled, wise-ass, bad-ass security chief of Babylon 5.


(NOTE: I have no idea if anyone will ever read this. It seems I’m still in an io9/O-Deck time out after 2 years. So silly...)

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