It’s here, it’s on-line you can watch it now! And...

...Holy hell it’s really not good at all, is it...

Hey, people, as much as I promoted and updated news bits about this, it just.... fell flat. Everything you all pointed about about lighting, editing, acting, you name it (based on the trailers that were released) were dead on. Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this disappointed in a film, fan or otherwise. It had SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. Ugh.


Where do I start? The horrible Starfleet uniforms? The choppy dialogue? The phoned-in acting from otherwise great genre actors and actresses (Corin, what the hell, dude? Koenig looked tired, Sean Young did what she could with her dialogue, but still... I love Bruce A Young, but not in this; maybe it was the prosthesis that overshadowed what he was trying to bring to the big-bad...?)?

I could go on and on about what was bad, but let me at least acknowledge what was good:

* The CGI space battles. Kudos to the company who did those; they were comparable to what the recent Trek shows were doing.


* Gary Graham: he livened up every scene he was in.

* The little “twist’ at the end with Fixer. OK, it was predictable, but I kind of liked it.


* Dr. Lewis Zimmerman: it’s Robert Picardo. ‘Nuff said

* Icheb: OK, I didn’t love every scene he was in, but he did fairly well with the anger management issues and the explanation of why he was so angry.


* Courtney Peldon as the Andorian Shree: I could see her pulling off a decent Andorian in a TV series or movie appearance. She seemed to actually get what the character was a bout.

Honestly, that’s about it. The rest.... yuck.

I anxiously await Axanar. If you haven’t seen the Prelude to Axanar short film, go treat yourself, if only to wash away the bitter taste of Renegades. Sigh.

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